How to Hire A+ Talent

How do you hire the best candidate to bring the most ROI to your organization?

Hiring A+ Candidates for the Businesses

These days, job seekers are becoming better interviewers. Candidate selection can be more difficult than ever before. It has become more of a challenge to distinguish the A+ candidates from the B candidates. Think how much more profitable your team would be if you were hiring top talent every single time; you could hire the A+ candidate in the top 10% of their field.

So, how do you distinguish? First, you must carefully determine the competencies you need for a particular position and the differences between an A+ candidate and a B candidate in these specific competencies. As you interview candidates, you should grade them by your established competencies. An A+ candidate will meet 90% of the competencies. Don’t settle. LISTEN to what they are telling you. I highly recommend that your first conversation be on the telephone. This way, the candidate’s image and body language are removed from the equation. A telephone interview forces you to listen more carefully and will help you assess this individual more fairly.

Next, look carefully at their accomplishments in EACH and EVERY position. This takes time and deep probing; however, more time spent upfront in this process saves you massive amounts of time and money if the wrong person is hired. It is critical to understand how this person either made money for their employer, saved their employer money, or increased efficiencies.

Finally, ask your candidate for references from former managers. That’s right, former managers only. Not all candidates can easily supply this information, but your A+ candidates can!

It would be best if you became a master at differentiating between A+, A, & B candidates. While it may require additional time initially, it will ultimately spare you considerable time and frustration in the future. Not to mention, A+ candidates are more fun to have on the team!

Vonkohn Search Group is dedicated to guiding you through this journey, ensuring that the inclusion of top-tier talent consistently enriches your team.

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