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With a proven track record, VonKohn Search Group has partnered with premier companies to help them drive success. We deliver not only talent that can do the job, but talent that will do the job while integrating seamlessly into your specific culture. We consistently identify and deliver a diverse talent pool through utilizing best practice methodologies.

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Compensation Consulting are always help for a companies marketing, customer growths.

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The Leadership Training are always help for a companies marketing, customer growths.

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The Corporated Programs are always help for a companies marketing, customer growths.


Janet VonKohn

Janet VonKohn

Welcome to VonKohn Search Group. Thank you for visiting our site!

If you are a senior leader in need of building or growing your company, our sole purpose is to capture the vision of your future team and expertly cast that vision into the marketplace in order to attract the right talent for your group.

If you are an individual looking to take the next step in your career, you’ve come to the right place. In the last 30 years, we have placed thousands of people just like you. The foundational attitude of VonKohn Search Group is gratitude and service. We are thankful that we get to partner with our clients to build premier organizations through hiring high performing talent. We are grateful that we get to assist individuals in pursuing their career passions.

It is our sincerest desire to get to know you and learn how we can be of service in helping you achieve your professional goals.

About VonKohn Search Group

VonKohn Search Group is a driving, results-oriented, self-starting top talent recruiting firm with professionals whose sense of urgency is tempered and disciplined by our concern for the accuracy and quality of our work. We are a national search firm whose customers include pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device & services, diagnostic, and healthcare companies. With offices in Atlanta, Nashville, and San Francisco, we assist venture backed start-up, national, and global Fortune 500 companies hire all levels of executive, commercial, and clinical talent. Our team reacts and adjusts quickly to changing conditions and develops practical ideas for dealing with them. VonKohn Search Group is purposeful and driven to get things done quickly and accurately. We respond positively and actively to challenges and pressure and are confident in our problem-solving ability. On behalf of our clients, we work with confidence and conviction at a distinctly faster-than-most pace.

Our team follows up closely and critically to ensure that the service we provide is done in a correct and timely manner. We set extraordinarily high standards of work quality for ourselves and are continually mindful of the timely accomplishment of objectives. We value building trusted, long-term relationships with our clients and acutely understand how your success hinges on recruiting the best talent available. Thank you for making us your trusted partner when executing a hiring plan to deliver higher quality diverse talent.

VSG’s recruiting methods look like the world in which we live. We do this through intentional diversity and belonging strategies that include specific diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, as well as strong professional diversity networks. We are known to be a firm that is not only committed to diverse hiring practices but also, as part of our retention initiative, our team supports our clients at every level. We provide a culture that creates a sense of belonging and gives everyone an awareness that they matter because they do! We cultivate practices to empower, revere, and value all our differences, which ultimately strengthens our team. VSG only partners with those organizations that demonstrate through action their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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What clients say about VonKohn Search Group

VonKohn Search Group responds quickly, communicates often, and delivers a talent pool in which we could hire anyone whom they select.

Jennifer J


VSG completed a 100-person buildout for our organization. Their candidates were top notch, and they ran the project seamlessly.

Jason R


VSG has hired for our company in all disciplines – commercial, clinical, and executive roles. They have been equally strong in all disciplines and all areas of the nation. We highly recommend their service to any company that needs a true HR partner.

Steve W


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