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Talent Consulting

VSG gains a deep understanding of your organization to include both your vision and mission. We help you build a talent infrastructure resulting in a thriving organization. Talent IS the engine that powers your company!

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High Volume Hiring

VSG will match the right talent for your corporate expansion needs. We provide the necessary skills, activities, tools, technologies and process methodologies to aid clients in seamless growth.

Healthcare Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

VSG provides a full-service talent acquisition solution including sourcing, engaging, screening, branding, recruiting, onboarding, reporting, and placing the best candidates in the roles.

Life is Short….Work somewhere Awesome!

Janet VonKohn

We believe in partnerships with purpose-driven organizations whose goals are to change the landscape of their industry. We design customized recruitment strategies to support those goals.


Hire Top Talent and build a Strong culture

A team of recruiters and hiring managers working together to fill job openings.

Imagine THIS Reality

Happy Healthcare Recruitment

Your employees love their jobs

All Hired Top Talent Are Driven To Get The Job Done

Everyone is driven to get the job done

Targeted recruitment Drive, passion, and perseverance fuel a culture of vision, trust, and growth

Drive, passion, and perseverance fuel a culture of vision, trust, and growth

Recruitment of healthcare professionals who are corporate leadership and front-line employees make up a well-oiled machine

Corporate leadership and front line employees make up a well-oiled machine

We help our clients create this reality. Ask us how? Contact Us Today.

VonKohn Search Group

VonKohn Search Group is a driving, results-oriented, self-starting team of professional recruiters whose sense of urgency is tempered and disciplined by our concern for the accuracy and quality of our work. We are a national search firm whose customers include pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device & services, diagnostic, and healthcare companies. With offices across the country, we assist venture-backed start-up, national, and global Fortune 500 companies in hiring all levels of executive, commercial, and clinical talent. Our team reacts and adjusts quickly to changing conditions and develops practical solutions for dealing with them. VonKohn Search Group is a purposeful recruiting firm driven to get things done quickly and accurately. We respond positively and actively to challenges and pressure and are confident in our problem-solving ability. On behalf of our clients, we work with confidence and conviction at a distinctly faster-than-most pace.

100% life
science focus

Clients span early stage
to Fortune 100 companies

35 years’ experience in
the industry


Deliver Outsourced HR Services

We are a national search firm and recruitment agency specializing in the Life Sciences and healthcare industries.

HR Consulting

HR consultants are provides broad menu Human Resource Service

Cost Savings

VSG provides the most competitive fees in the market


VSG can help you develop a proven expansion plan

Why Choose VonKohn Group
Hire Top Talent that builds a strong culture

VonKohn Search Group 100% Success

100% Success


Why Choose VonKohn Search Group

We are passionate about our business and proudly have the nation’s top recruiters on our team.

We are known for delivering fast, top quality results.


We understand the need and the culture


99% retention rate after 2-years post placement


99% of your offers accepted with ZERO negotiation


What clients say about a VonKohn Search Group

We bring value and exclusivity to your search by articulating your corporate message flawlessly

VonKohn Search Group responds quickly, communicates often, and delivers a talent pool in which we could hire anyone whom they select.

Jennifer J


VSG completed a 100-person buildout for our organization. Their candidates were top notch, and they ran the project seamlessly.

Jason R


VSG has hired for our company in all disciplines – commercial, clinical, and executive roles. They have been equally strong in all disciplines and all areas of the nation. We highly recommend their service to any company that needs a true HR partner.

Steve W