Employee Retention is Emotional

Does your company struggle with unwanted turnover? Has your company lost people that you really needed on your team? Does your company have an intentional retention strategy? Does your company think that retention is based on bonuses, salaries, stocks, etc.?

It is said that the number ONE reason for turnover is an employee’s manager. But what is it about the manager? Based on years of research and recruiting seemingly happy people from companies, we have found that the number ONE reason people are willing to look at new opportunities is that they feel devalued.

Think about it, the words, the tone, the behavior that you exhibit either builds up your colleagues or it slowly erodes at their hearts. Quite candidly, this is the same in all relationships.

The quality of our lives can be measured by the quality of our relationships. Why not get up every single day with the thought of showing those around you how much you value them. You would be SHOCKED what a person would do for you when you show them that they truly matter. In the professional world it seems taboo to use the word “love”, but a little love goes a long way – especially with employee retention.