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Vonkohn Search Group - Job Openings - Regional Nurse Manager – New York

About the Role for Regional Nurse Manager

  • The regional nurse manager directs the operations of the nursing department. Additionally, they oversee the nursing team to ensure that scheduling and administrative tasks are completed in a timely manner.
  • Complies with requirements of the Company and ensures that services are provided in a manner consistent with established standards of practice, federal and state regulations, accreditation standards and agency policy.
  • Interprets and implements policies and procedures of the agency and oversees the selection, development, and monitoring of nursing staff.
  • This role entails directing the supervision and evaluation of personnel involved in direct patient care. Furthermore, it extends to managing all human resource issues for nursing and allied health services staff, encompassing activities such as recruitment, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, and terminations, to maintain a high-performing healthcare team.
  • This role ensures the agency’s adherence to state and federal discipline guidelines and steps in as office administrator alongside the pharmacy manager when the Operations Manager and/or Director of Operations are absent. Additionally, it fulfills the roles of Administrator and/or Director of Nursing per Medicare’s definitions and acts as the Facility Infection Prevention Coordinator, maintaining compliance with infection control standards and regulations.
  • Ensures that all nurses providing care maintain the professional standards of nursing practice.

Leadership and Development

  • Assists the Area Director of Nursing and/or Director of Operations in preparing, securing approval for, and implementing operating and expenditure budgets for department, and operates within those guidelines. Responsible for the coordination of patient services with the pharmacy, delivery, reimbursement, and other departments both internally and externally.
  • The role involves establishing and overseeing the procurement and expedited delivery of medical supplies and equipment, all while staying within budgetary constraints. Furthermore, it encompasses active participation in evaluating, managing, and communicating nursing operational and financial data to both the Area Director of Nursing and the Director of Operations. This process is aimed at identifying trends and subsequently developing plans for process improvement, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency and financial stewardship.
  • Collects and organizes all patient-specific information needed to determine the suitability of patients for home care.  Assesses patients’ suitability for home care in accordance with Option Care policies.  Verifies that the patient’s medical condition and prescribed therapy is suitable for home care. Provides continuing education to physicians, nurses, pharmacy technicians, and other practitioners on home care infusion-related issues, including competency and orientation programs.
  • The role involves coordinating and engaging in the nursing department’s on-call duties, aligning patient care and services with the Director of Pharmacy’s cooperation. It also includes establishing a clinical networking system for the agency and serving as a clinical resource, ensuring effective communication and support within the healthcare team.

Education and/or Experience: Licensed Nurse (RN)

  • Experience establishing and maintaining relationships with individuals at all levels of the organization in the business community and with vendors.
  • Experience applying knowledge of standard practices for all services offered as well as current relevant and applicable standards (i.e. Joint Commission Standards, ACHC standards).
  • Experience providing customer service to internal and external customers, including meeting quality standards of services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.
  • Basic PC skills: Able to competently use internet, email, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Experience in identifying operational issues and recommending and implementing strategies to resolve and improve processes.
  • Access to a reliable means of transportation which will enable the incumbents to travel to care facilities, home visits and multiple hospitals. If such transport would include a personal vehicle, a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance would be required.
  • Able to plan, organize and make presentations.

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